Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Myanmar Actor Soe Thu's daughter wished her father a very happy, blessed birthday with these wonderful birthday wishes for her dad.
No.1 I got principle honour role for grade 8. Isn't great?
No.2 I hope I make you proud. No. I know I'm gonna make you proud because if I keep trying, I'm gonna be awsome.
No.3 Me and Mom are doing fine if you want it to know. We are doing wonderful.
No.4 Thanks for the 100dollars birthday money although I didn't really need it and I didn't really got  to use it. I gave it to mom for taxes.
No5. Happy Birthday !!! You officially 51.
I hope you enjoy your birthday and have a good time.

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  1. There'r some more words in Angle's words. Listen again. To add @ No. 3.
    Ref. Angel's Birthday wish.


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